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PVC Marbella

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At TecnoPVC, we specialize in the manufacture of UPVC doors and windows in Marbella. Although our factory is located in Estepona, we offer our services throughout the Costa del Sol area, with a large number of clients in cities and towns such as Marbella.

We base our products on the professionalism and quality of the materials. We work with both UPVC and Aluminium for the great features they offer. We are Kommerling UPVC Door and Window Manufacturers in the Costa del Sol area.

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We work with Prestigious Brands

We are a company that cares a lot about the quality of the products offered to its customers. Therefore, we only work with professional brands and with recognized prestige in the sector. Thanks to this, we are able to offer UPVC doors and windows in Marbella and all along the costa area.

✅ UPVC Doors and Windows Manufacturer Company in Marbella

UPVC is a very resistant material that has excellent properties as a thermal insulator. This, together with the excellent quality/price ratio that it offers, makes it a material that is increasing its use.

We have been manufacturing UPVC doors and windows for more than 20 years, this has led us to count on clients not only in Estepona, but also in nearby areas such as Marbella.

  • Excellent insulating properties, both thermal and acoustic. This is because UPVC is a non-conductive material
  • It allows great energy savings due to this insulating capacity. It helps reduce energy costs by keeping the room temperature for a longer time
    • It is a very resistant material with a very long lifespan. UPVC is a material that can last up to 50 years in good condition
    • It also doesn’t need any special care; on the contrary, its maintenance is minimal. It will be enough to clean it with a wet cloth and it will look perfect

?Why choose UPVC Doors and Windows?

When changing the windows of a house or installing them for the first time in a new building, the big question may be: which material should I choose? UPVC is a material that provides great benefits:

It helps Reduce Energy Consumption

It offers Excellent Thermal Insulation

It doesn’t need any Special Maintenance

It has a wide Variety in Design

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