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Our PVC windows can greatly reduce your energy bills thanks to their improved insulation properties.  Not only will you save money and transform the look of your home, but you’ll also increase its value.  Learn more about the different styles and innovative systems that we have available.

Glass Curtains

Choose our glass curtains, the highest level of quality coupled with the best performance in insulation and resistance. Discover with our glass enclosures how to make the most of all the space of your terrace and balcony.


TecnoPVC doors have been designed to stay looking as good as new for decades after installation.  Their durability and robustness, combined with the best locking systems, will ensure you will always feel secure in your home.  Our range includes swing, sliding, lifting and bi-folding door systems.


Awnings are the best option when we want that sometimes the sun does not directly affect us. Perfect for all catering businesses, they provide the consumer with a better feeling of freshness and allow the use of the terrace at high temperatures.


You can choose between various types of blinds for home and business at an excellent value for money. Visit our shutters section and discover some of the amazing systems we offer at TecnoPVC. And we also offer the assembly service in the Costa del Sol.

Garage Doors

If you want to change the door of your garage for another motorized or with a system different from the one you own, in TecnoPVC we have different systems and models. In addition, we adapt to any space and offer a professional, thorough and tailored installation.

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