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In TecnoPVC, we’ve earned a reputation for working aluminum carpentry with a very high quality standard, and this reputation has not gone unnoticed in Marbella, where we have more and more customers and orders thanks to the satisfaction and word of mouth that make our own clients recommend us.

Our professional crew has a high degree of specialization in aluminum, and it’s capable of carrying out all types of work with this material.

In addition, aluminum is a great material in every way. Whether doors, windows or enclosures, the result is always excellent, providing the necessary protection with a material that’s highly resistant to the weather but doesn’t deteriorate easily.

Having aluminum doors, windows or enclosures facilitates the creation of a warm environment and the conservation of temperature during the winter.

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We always work with leading brands in Aluminum

In addition to the quality of the finishes, offering competitive prices and working with a leading brand in the sector, such as Strugal Aluminum, Tecno PVC is not only positioned as Marbella aluminum carpentry, but also works in many other locations on the Costa del Sol.

This expansion is only possible when the result of the work is entirely satisfactory for customers.

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More advantages of aluminum as a material in doors and windows? It requires minimal maintenance, and it’s respectful to the environment, since its manufacture implies a very low energy expenditure and it’s recyclable.

In reality, not only a house, but any type of project can benefit from the advantages of aluminum carpentry.

Aluminum Door and Window Manufacturers in Marbella

In TecnoPVC, we have specialized in the manufacture of doors, windows and enclosures, but aluminum can be used in railings, bars, and many other construction elements.

Design a more functional, cozy and modern home including sliding glass doors with an aluminum structure, protect your garden or terrace with adequate enclosures or make your living room brighter using large aluminum windows.

In Tecno PVC, we not only know how to work aluminum: we also know how to turn it into elements that improve your decoration.

Therefore, when you need to face a reform or project in your home that includes the replacement of doors and windows, consider the use of aluminum for its manufacture. In addition to saving some money, you will be able to give a new and more modern air to the decoration of your space.

Aluminum carpentry in Marbella has a name: TecnoPVC.

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Aluminium Carpentry: Doors and Windows

In TecnoPVC, we offer you the latest innovations in opening systems and models in aluminium doors and windows. Trust our Aluminium Carpentry to renew or change the windows and doors of your home.

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