Blinds Fuengirola

blinds fuengirola

Manufacture and Installation of Blinds Fuengirola for your home or business with years of experience. TecnoPVC stands out in the use of PVC and aluminum. We give each project a unique work plan with the main objective that the client is satisfied.

Having a good system of blinds for your windows can greatly facilitate your life and time at home. And, although they seem very simple, blinds can mark a “before and after” in our quality of life and sleep, since it is these that keep us insulated from the outside and allow us to sleep without any rays of light bothering us.

In TecnoPVC we have a great selection of blinds in Fuengirola so that you can enjoy your home with all the comfort and guaranteed safety. We have aluminum blinds, self-locking, motorised, for shops…

Sale of Blinds Fuengirola

At TecnoPVC we manufacture PVC and aluminum-based blinds in Fuengirola, blinds contribute to the thermal and acoustic insulation of the home, reinforcing what has already been achieved by the windows. You can find a wide variety of blinds from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs. In addition, we will advise you so that you know the closing mechanisms and characteristics of different types of blinds.


Our team of professionals with years of experience in the pvc and aluminum field, with the production of custom windows. Our main objective is to offer the best quality and results. Our professionals will help you with your project to ensure our blinds adapts perfectly to your conditions.

We will take care of the entire process so you don’t have to worry about anything.

PVC and Aluminum:

Aluminum blinds are of excellent quality and provide strength and durability. They are tough and at a very competitive market price that will allow you to enjoy all the functional advantages of having blinds in your home or business. Its insulation against the cold is high and thanks to its resistance you will enjoy greater security.


To install blinds correctly, the drawer is one of the key parts of its success. If the drawer is improperly installed, it can cause the insulation function of the blinds to not be fulfilled. For this reason we have the RolaPlus System; which consists of the installation of robust blinds that ensure that the cold and noise do not pass through. The drawer of the RolaPlus system is completely sealed and has a piece that favors the operation of the insulation system. We have a wide variety of colors, designs and sizes so that it adapts correctly to your home.


With this type of blinds you will reduce the possibility of intruders entering in your home, they have a locking system which ensures that the blind cannot be raised from the outside. They are the perfect anti-theft blinds to ensure maximum security.

blinds in fuengirola

To make the installation of blinds possible, we have a team of professionals who are experts in their work who will offer you a great service. We will be at your constant disposal for any type of doubt that you may want us to solve for you. In this way your project will be fully adapted to your needs. Our blinds have great functionality and adaptation to any space. In addition, if you want more comfort in your home there is a possibility of making them self-locking or domotizing them at an economical price.

Get your blinds in Fuengirola with a great value for money in TecnoPVC.

Insulates the cold and heat

Reduce noise

Resistance and Protection

Motorization System

Repair of blinds in Fuengirola

At TecnoPVC,  we also carry out blind repairs in Fuengirola. It is normal that over the time blinds are damaged or stop working. On other occasions, they do not fulfill their isolation function, so we decided to provide a solution.If these situations sounds familiar for you, do not hesitate and contact us. We will leave your blinds as new. If you need to replace or repair your blinds in Fuengirola, contact us and we will offer you a personalized quote.