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At TecnoPVC we are a team of professional experts involved with the manufacturing of PVC doors and windows. Contact us to find out more about us. Our facilities are located in the city of Estepona, but our services extend to the entire coast of Malaga, having a large clientele in areas such as Benahavis.

Our products and services are based on the professionalism of our team of workers, as well as on the quality of materials that we use for the production of Benahavis doors and windows. In addition, we not only work with materials such as PVC, but we also work with aluminium, because it is a flexible material. We are proud to say that we are the manufacturers of Kommerling PVC Doors and Windows, based on the Costa del Sol.

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We work with very prestigious brands

From TecnoPVC as a company we are very aware of client requirements and we care about being able to offer our customers the best quality in terms of materials. That is why we collaborate and work with professional and prestigious companies within the sector, which allow us to offer the best PVC doors and windows in Benahavis.

✅ Manufacturers of Doors and Windows PVC Benahavis

PVC is a material that is truly resistant to any type of erosion or shock, as well as the passage of time. In addition, another of its great advantages is that it is highly insulating, making it the optimal material to protect you from the heat in summer and the cold in winter. All this, added to an unbeatable relationship between the great value for money it offers, makes it the most used material for the manufacture of doors and windows in Benahavis.

At TecnoPVC we have many years of experience behind us in which we have not stopped manufacturing PVC doors and windows, which has allowed us to expand our network of clients, not only in Estepona, but also to areas such as Benahavis.

➕ Why choose PVC Windows and Doors in Benahavis?

When the doors or windows of the house are changed, or when they are to be installed for the first time, the question of which material is better to use always tends to arise. Given this, from TecnoPVC we have the answer: PVC

Since, thermally speaking, PVC is a non-conductive material, doors and windows manufactured from this material save a lot of energy. Due to the fact that it will not be necessary to regulate the temperature inside the house with other electrical appliances, simply put, with PVC doors and windows you will notice the difference and the super insulation compared to aluminum windows. In addition, you will not have to worry about how long your doors and windows will last, since they can have up to 50 years of useful lifespan when kept in good condition, without the need for special care, just a little cleaning with a damp cloth to make it look like new.

Allows you to Reduce Energy Consumption

Great Thermal Insulation Capacity

They do not require special maintenance

We have a Wide Variety in Design

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