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Installation of Pergolas in Estepona

We are experts in the manufacture and installation of bespoke pergolas in Estepona. Our staff have professional training and extensive experience accumulated over the years, allowing us to offer you the best Estepona pergola installation service.

Our pergolas are custom designed, so they are the perfect solution for each client, covering their requirements and expectations. From the inception of each of our pergola projects, we consider the different factors that will define the final result. These factors are determined the customer’s wishes, the type of space in which the pergola will be installed, the climatic factors to which the pergola will be exposed, and which type of pergola is most convenient for the client from the point of view of decoration and functionality.

Types of Pergolas

Advantages and benefits of pergolas in Estepona

The conception process of our pergolas allows the customer to enjoy all the advantages that these can offer.

On one hand, each of our Estepona pergola projects ranges from design to installation, so customers can prepare to enjoy the result. Our work is carried out with the aim of offering an extension of the outside space, so that users can enjoy a new environment regardless of the weather or the season.

Our designs adapt to the environment or space in which they are installed, naturally becoming part of the space. We work with contemporary, elegant and unique styles that make a difference and allow you to enjoy the outdoors at any time.

Our Estepona pergolas provide both sun and rain protection. Also, thanks to the high quality of the materials used in their manufacture, our pergolas have extreme resistance to wind and snow. In this way they guarantee total protection to users.

On the other hand, our pergolas are built with structures resistant to weather conditions such as corrosion, so they have considerable durability. In addition, all our pergolas have quality guarantees.

Versatility of our pergolas
With the idea of offering our customers the quality and design they deserve; we have a wide range of pergolas. Each type of pergola has a sturdy structure and top-notch finish, offering a unique space to suit any environment.

Pergolas Estepona
Pérgolas Estepona

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Custom Pergolas

▷ Aluminum Pergolas

This type of pergola is manufactured with durable, quality and lightweight materials. They are a practical and quick-to-install option. When combined with awnings they offer a shaded, functional and light space.

Aluminum pergolas adapt to the customer’s space and require minimal maintenance. These can be installed in gardens, terraces and penthouses.

▷ Pergolas with Awning

This is a perfect pergola model to protect larger spaces. Awning pergolas are very resistant, created to provide protection from wind, rain, or sun.

Thanks to its design and resistance, it can be used in public or private spaces.

▷ Garden or Terrace Pergolas

The essence of the pergola is to allow the enjoyment of outdoor spaces such as the garden or the terrace, all year round.

Garden or terrace pergolas are the classic models and can be built with a wide variety of materials. However, the most commonly used material is aluminum.

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▷ Pergolas with Slats

The slat pergolas are innovative and allow the enjoyment of the outdoor environment regardless of the season, as they easily adapt to any weather conditions.

Simply press a button on the remote control so that the slats are mobilised providing an ideal level of ventilation or shade, adapting the climate to the user’s requirements.

In case of rain, the slats can be moved so that they close tightly avoiding the ingress of water.

▷ Bioclimatic Pergolas

The bioclimatic pergolas stand out in that they are made entirely of aluminum. This type of pergola adapts to all climatic conditions allowing you to enjoy the outside at any time.

One of the most important aspects of this pergola is that it graduates the temperature of the space naturally, protecting users from rain, wind, sun or any aspect of the climate, just by mobilising their slats.

Bioclimatic pergolas have been designed to expand the living area of homes, restaurants, hotels, etc. They feature a modern and minimalist design.

In addition, and thanks to the natural regulation of the temperature, the bioclimatic pergola works in conjunction with energy saving.

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