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Garden and terrace pergolas offer not only a decorative element of great visual impact, but also an element of protection from the sun and rain. They come in many shapes and designs and adapt to the needs that each space.

With a little imagination, along with the work of a trained design team, it is possible to get impressive results.

Sotogrande Pergolas Installation

At TecnoPVC we know the importance that pergolas can have in outdoor spaces. That is why we work in the manufacture and installation of pergolas in Sotogrande, tailored in an efficient and economical way.

We have a highly qualified team who will offer all the necessary advice to achieve optimal and rapid results. No matter the customer’s demands, we can make your dreams come true with our designs and installations, allowing us to be a reference point in Sotogrande pergolas.

It is important to mention that with each pergola you will have a custom design and that it is able to adapt to the needs or whatever is specified by the customer. With one of our pergolas all your needs will be more than satisfied.

Types of Pergolas

What advantages can you enjoy with Sotogrande Pergolas?

There are many advantages to working with us. But one of the main ones lies in the personalisation of the service we offer. In this way we offer pergolas with a design, manufacture and installation adapted to the needs of customers.

Also, our pergolas will be adapted according to parameters such as the desired pergola type, the climatic conditions that are predominant in the area, as well as the appropriate measures to occupy the desired space.

Likewise, our pergolas stand out for being resistant to the weather conditions that arise and are able to adapt to environments perfectly. So they will be able to withstand both the sun and rain, as well as have a high resistance to winds. They are resistant to corrosion and contamination.

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Different types of pergolas to use in Sotogrande

We have a range of pergolas for all tastes. Among them we find:

▷ ▷ Aluminum Pergolas

Aluminum pergolas are acknowledged for being durable, of high quality and being very light. They are a very durable and easy to assemble solution in any garden, and aluminum combines very well with the tightest budgets.

These can also be adjusted to the dimensions you want. Its versatility is possible because of how easy it is to handle aluminum. Due to this an aluminum pergola could fit seamlessly into gardens, as well as places like terraces or attics. Although it must be remembered that it needs to be fixed with some counterweight due to its lightness.

▷ Pergolas with Awning

Awning pergolas are a new concept to consider and are fashionable. This is ideal for covering large areas in public establishments but also in private spaces. What distinguishes it from others is the resistance to wind, rain and of course, sun.

For example, it has resistance to withstand up to 50 centimeters of fresh snow or withstand a discharge of rainwater with a slope of at least 5 degrees.

▷ Garden or Terrace Pergolas

The integration of pergolas into gardens and terraces is one of their most notable features. They are tough enough to withstand outdoor weather conditions at any time of the year.

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▷ Pergolas with Slats

A system of slated pergolas is one of the newest types of pergolas that will allow you to live freely in any season of the year. It can be installed in gardens and terraces because its supreme adaptability.

With the press of a remote control, the slats to tilt according to the ideal level to enjoy either ventilation or shade. When this kind of pergola is closed, it will have rainwater resistance, along with its own drainage system.

▷ Bioclimatic Pergolas

Bioclimatic pergolas are made entirely of aluminum and are also able to offer a lot of adaptation to any climatic condition. Whether in the garden or on the terrace, they can regulate the temperature in a natural way.

At the same time they protect from solar radiation, snow and rain.

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