Grilles Sabinillas – Manilva

Grilles Sabinillas – Manilva

Would you like to install Grilles Sabinillas – Manilva in your doors or windows? Our company offers a great range of models, as we produce and install every kind of grilles. Experience the best sensation of security in your spaces. In this sense, we have all kinds of grids, modern or classy, for every need or wishes.

Have you ever noticed how our modern gratings are distinguished by harmonious aesthetics, a wide variety of colours and original shapes? In addition, we have the traditional grilles, which are manufactured in modern chromatic combinations, with innovative technological solutions of the latest generation that include current materials. Everything to ensure your safety and comfort.

There is a wide variety of grilles Sabinillas – Manilva for both windows and doors. Different models, especially in the way they open.

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This is the traditional wrought iron or galvanised iron grille. They are ideal for those spaces that require greater protection. They can be bolted or can be installed by manufacturing work to increase the security they offer. They are available in both standard and handmade versions.

Here are some properties of fixed grilles for doors and windows

  • They are made with a rectangular frame measuring 50 x 20 mm.
  • They come with four different types of fastenings to choose from, including: claws, lugs, bushings and frame drilling
  • Our gratings are highly resistant to rust due to their professional baked enamelling.
  • They are assembled with an adjustable piece that does not require welding.
  • They include a solid bar with a diameter of 14 mm..
  • They are available in a wide range of colours. The basic shades are silver, black and white.

Certain advantages of leaf-sprung or extendible bars

This type of grilles are folding grilles, which makes them very easy to handle thanks to their scissor-like opening. Usually, you can find them on doors and premises with a lot of weight that require greater protection or security.

As well as fixed grilles, these can also be made of galvanised and fire-painted iron. They consist of one or two leaves, depending on the size. You can choose between different colours and finishes. Learn about some of the properties of our Sabinillas – Manilva grilles

Security Lock

Thermic Cast

Lower or Upper Bearing


Variety of Colors


grilles sabinillas manilva

They’re ideal for business premises and offices. This part contains hinges, security screws and several leaves. Making their opening and closing easy.

Bandit Bars

Installation of Grilles Sabinillas – Manilva

The best of these windows is that they can be put vertically or horizontally, the reason why they are usually used in basement windows. Made of aluminium alloy, they are quite easy to clean.

Folding Grilles

Grilles in Sabinillas – Manilva

These are the mythical diamond-shaped grilles, also used as a decorative element in homes. We have a multitude of designs available coming with anti-rust paint.

The Manilva – Sabinillas Grilles you’ve been looking for at TecnoPVC

Pay us a visit and we will advise you for the purchase and installation of your grilles. We have a gtreat range of grilles with rust protection and maximum security. Protect what’s most important to you thanks to TecnoPVC