Grilles Sotogrande

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With the Grilles Sotogrande of TecnoPVC you will achieve the best finish and design for your home without sacrificing quality or security.

Our Grilles generate different effects, depending from what side you’re looking at them: inaccessibility and security, or rejection and protection. Grilles Sotogrande fulfil both roles. They protect and prevent unwanted access, they also accomplish an aesthetic function, adding a decorative element to the architectonic design of your home.

We have a great variety of different models and designs of grilles for different purposes and functions, including traditional styles but also modern and innovative designs with variety of colours.

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We Manufacture and Install Grilles Sotogrande

Although bars and grilles are generally seen as a sign of insecurity and are considered unnatractive, Sotogrande Grilles and bars have the opposite effect: they provide security without sacrificing aesthetic pleasure. During the manufacture of our Grilles we use the most innovative and updated technologies to satisfy the owners wishes regarding to the styles and dimensions of their houses.

We have a wide variety of designs and materials available to satisfy the highest demands of our clients. Grilles in Sotogrande are used for protect or delineate gardens, aside from enhancing security in doors and windows.

We work classic forms from a contemporary point of view, using procedures and colours that combine beauty with resistance to the reigning climate conditions.

We use steel, various aluminium alloys and traditional galvanised or wrought iron in the design of our folding grilles, fixed or removable, for commercial or residential use, offering maximum security, functionality and beauty at the same time.

Installation of fixed and removable Grilles Sotogrande

Trust TecnoPVC to install your bars and grilles in doors and windows of your home. Our team is formed by the best installateurs with many years of experience, aside from having a great range of designs, shapes and functionality for your Sotogrande Grilles.

Our fixed grilles are perfectly adapted to be installed in doors and windows, aside from home entrances, where we want to have greater security. Our removable Sotogrande grilles can also be installed in places with a more frequent transit. They’re easy to uninstall if you want to change them from location. They’re made of steel.

Security Lock

Thermic Cast

Lower or Upper Bearing


Variety of  Colors

Features of the fixed bars for doors and windows that we manufacture

Grilles Sotogrande for doors and windows basically vary in size and opening mechanisms, unless they are fixed.

Fixed grilles are made of galvanised iron, protected from rust by lacquering or baked enamelling in different colours. They are assembled with adjustable parts, which do not need to be welded.

They can be installed in various forms, screwed to the frame or directly installed while construction for better security. The grilles have a rectangular frame of 50 mm by 20 mm, and a solid bar with a diameter of 14 mm.


grilles sotogrande

The folding grilles, ideal for shops, premises or warehouses. They have a security closing system, upper and under berrics, rust protection and different sizes and models.

Bandit Bars

grilles in sotogrande

These aluminium grilles can be used to protect sliding windows, whose bars can be positioned vertically or horizontally, and are often used on basement windows.

Folding Grilles

grilles sotogrande installation
These grilles are made of cast iron and baked-on paint to prevent rust. They are more practical as they can be opened and closed. In addition to their great functionality, there are a multitude of designs.
Protect and Beautify your doors and windows with TecnoPVC

TecnoPVC has more than 20 years of experience working on all kind of models and designs for doors, windows and other house accesories all around la Costa del Sol, that is the reason why they can guarantee a great service in securing your windows and doors in an aesthetically pleasing way.