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At TecnoPVC we are dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of garage doors for Marbella. Thanks to our having more than 20 years’ experience in the sector we are specialists in this functionality, offering the best service and quality materials, making garage doors more resilient and comfortable. Our team of professionals will give you initial advice to help you choose what may be best according to your needs, such as the type of model, opening system and materials.

Our garage doors in Marbella are adapted for all types of housing, communities and businesses. We offer you a completely specialised service and adapted to your needs, you can choose between different models, colours and finishes, different opening systems, between tilting, sectional and sliding doors or iron doors. We will make the garage door adapted to your liking, you choose it, we make it possible.

Being a company specialised in garage doors in Marbella, we use recognised brands and with a great reputation in the sector, we offer our customers the highest quality materials for the sale and assembly of garage doors. Thus ensuring the best service with the maximum guarantee, quality and functionality, so that each of our customers get what they want, the perfect garage door for their needs.

If you are looking for a garage door company in Marbella, contact us, we will be happy to advise and help you in everything you need. Because getting the garage door you want is our goal, to make our mission a reality.

▷ Tilting

Puertas de Garaje Basculantes

▷ Sectional

Puertas de Garaje Seccionales


Puertas de Garaje Correderas

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Ask for all the information you need, our experts in sliding garage doors, up and over (tilting) and sectional garage doors will help you and advise you on everything you need about our services and the different models we offer.

Variety of Garage Doors

One of our greatest characteristics as a company specialising in garage doors in Marbella is the wide variety of models, colours, shapes, finishes and opening systems that we offer our clients. Everything you need for your garage door is at TecnoPVC.

Also, we offer models of iron security doors, being in much demand for stores and shops for their comfort and easy closure, being very safe and tough.

Why install Garage Doors with TecnoPVC?

Installing a garage door in Marbella results in many advantages, providing greater security, improving aesthetics and making better use of space. You will notice the difference, gaining in comfort and usability.

Thermal Insulation

Large Dimensions

More space

Acoustic Isolation

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Contact us without any commitment, request information or quotes, our team of professionals will be happy to help you in everything related to garage doors in Marbella.