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Wouldn’t you like to put Grilles Estepona on your windows or doors? At TecnoPVC, we are manufacturers and installers of bars and gates of all kinds. Learn about the enormous sense of security and intimacy they provide. In addition, at Tecno PVC, we have all kinds of gates and bars: classic and modern, for all tastes and needs.

Have you seen how our modern bars and gates are characterized by harmonious aesthetics, a wide range of colors, and even unusual shapes? We also propose traditional bars and gates but in contemporary chromatic keys, innovative technological solutions, and current materials. All for safety.

We offer grilles, gates and bars for both doors and windows. They differ, mainly, in the way they open.

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The traditional bar or grille is made of galvanized iron or wrought iron. They are ideal for areas that need to be more protected. They can be screwed on; or installed by the construction site to increase their security. They can be both handmade and standard.

Properties of our Bars Grilles for windows and doors

  • Made in a rectangular frame of 50 x 20mm.
  • Choose from 4 types of fastening: drill to frame, bushings, lugs, and claws.
  • Oven-enameled, rust-resistant.
  • Assembled with the adjustable unwelded piece.
  • A solid 14mm diameter bar.
  • Wide range of colors (RAL). The basic colors are white, black and silver.

Advantages of extendable or crossbow bars

These bars are foldable: their scissor-shaped opening makes them very comfortable to handle. We usually find them in shops and doors with a lot of traffic.

Like fixed bars, they are usually made of galvanized and fire-lacquered iron. They consist of one or two sheets, depending on the size. You can choose from several finishes and colors.

Properties of our Estepona Ballesta bars for windows and doors:

Security Lock

Thermic Cast

Lower or Upper Bearing


Variety of Colors

Removable Bars, Gates and Grilles Estepona Bars

The fact that they adapt to the dimensions of any space makes them suitable for highly transited areas in the home. Since they can be assembled and disassembled very easily. They allow the hour inhabitants to escape in case of emergency.

They are made of highly resistant steel tubes.


grilles instalation estepona

They are generally used in shops, businesses, and offices. They are grilles with an unmistakable diamond design. Colloquially also known as decorative grilles.

Bandit Bars

grilles estepona

They are used in sliding windows and can be placed vertically and horizontally. Made of aluminum alloy, they are the most commonly used in basement windows. The grate is spring-loaded and can be removed for cleaning.

Folding Grilles

grilles in estepona

It is characterized by a rigid piece installed on hinges with safety screws. You can open and close them as you like, and they can consist of 1 or 2 sheets. We have a wide range of avant-garde designs. Made with cast iron and oven paint.

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Who said that installing a gate is synonymous with renouncing beauty? Certainly, the priority and purpose of gates is the safety of our homes, but if safety is also combined with aesthetics, why give up? Get your Estepona Bars and Gates in TecnoPVC.