Grilles Marbella

marbella grilles

At TecnoPVC, Marbella Grilles are modern designs ideal for outdoor security in any home, office or establishment. They adapt to your style. The grilles form a decorative element in modern or more classic outdoor spaces.

We also manufacture them manually according to your requirements, so that they adapt perfectly to the dimensions or measurements available at the location where they are to be installed.

Regarding designs, they can be freely chosen from modern styles with pure lines or more elaborate and decorative ones; you can also opt for more resistant grilles, which may require solid components in their manufacture.

Marbella grilles are not only installed as a barrier to enclose a place, but can also be placed in the different entrances of a house such as windows, gates or doors, or in a variety of other places where the customer so wishes or considers necessary.

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Manufacture and Installation of Marbella Grilles

We have grilles of all types, from the classic to the most modern and we adapt to all the needs and preferences of our customers. Our models stand out for having a pleasant aesthetic with a great variety of colours and original shapes.

We also have classic grilles, but we adapt them with contemporary nuances through the use of modern materials and innovative technological resources in order to guarantee complete security and beauty at the same time. You can get grilles for both windows and doors, the main difference lies in the size and the way they open.

Installation of Fixed Bars in Marbella

If you are thinking of installing a bar or grille on your doors and windows, we manufacture all types of grilles and install them ourselves. We provide you with the feeling of security and privacy you are looking for when installing these protective elements for your home or business.

This is the traditional fence made of wrought iron or galvanised iron. It is ideal for those places that require greater protection. These grilles can be bolted or can be installed through construction work to increase the security you are looking for. They can be manufactured either as standard or handmade.

Security Lock

Thermic Cast

Lower or Upper Bearing


Variety of Colors

Features of the Fixed Bars for Doors and Windows that we Manufacture

Among the main properties or characteristics of Marbella Grilles is that they are manufactured with a rectangular frame. Our models are stove-enamelled, which makes them resistant to rust. They are assembled with pieces that fit together without welding.

They also have a solid bar and you can choose from a wide range of colours. However, the basic colours are silver, black and white.

Grilles Marbella are also available as crossbow or extensible grilles, as well as removable grilles, so that the customer can choose the one that best suits the place where it will be used.


grilles marbella

They are most commonly used in shops, businesses or offices. In addition to security, they are useful as a decorative element. These are the well-known “diamond design” grilles.

Bandit Bars

grilles marbella installation

Whether you need to position your window vertically or horizontally, these grilles slide along via spring. They are easy to clean (as they can be removed) and are made of aluminium alloy.

Folding Grilles

folding grilles marbella

These grilles are made of cast iron and paint coated to form a rigid piece for added security. They have hinges, security screws and up to 2 leaves. A variety of designs are available.

Security and Aesthetics in your home with Marbella Grilles of  TecnoPVC

Contrary to popular belief, with grilles you will not compromise the aesthetics of your home, you will get a distinctive touch and greater security from those who try to gain access to your property. Don’t hesitate any longer, get your Marbella grilles at TecnoPVC.