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In TecnoPVC we make all our doors and windows with double crystal in Estepona and Marbella. The main objective we aim to achieve with the double crystallization, is to increase the insulation capacity and provide a strong barrier against the weather, meaning, to provide our clients with a better acoustic and thermal insulation.

Between the two layers of crystal in the double crystal windows and doors, a shock absorber layer is placed, to act as an insulator. With this space and with the thickness of the crystal, we are able to provide an excellent insulation.

Almost all our double crystal windows and doors in Estepona, have intelligent Guardian Sun Crystals. With this type of crystal, we add to our products, the capacity of saving up to 40% of energy consumption, and combining them with a security layer, we can increase its properties as an acoustic insulator.

In TecnoPVC we know the importance of choosing the correct profile and crystal to improve the insulation capacity of the windows and doors in Estepona and Marbella, for this, we offer the highest level of quality in all our products, glasses and accessories.

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⭐What’s Double Crystal?

The double crystal doors and windows in Estepona and Marbella, are those made with two or more glass panels, separated by an airtight layer. This composition, attached to the Guardian Sun crystals, offers one of the highest thermic resistances in the market.

Nowadays, the windows and doors with double crystal, are becoming a critical item in new construction projects, because they provide many advantages. Thanks to its solar radiation filtration, they improve the coziness allowing a lower use of air conditioners during summer, and less energy used in heating systems during winter.

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✔We work with intelligent crystals in Estepona and Marbella

To get the best benefits, it’s important to work with materials of the highest quality. In TecnoPVC, we don’t only make PVC and aluminium windows, we also work with the most balanced crystals in existence in the market. The Guardian Sun Crystals, have the highest U value in the market, meaning, the best insulation possible.

✅Why choose Double Crystal in Estepona and Marbella?

Having double insulation doors or windows is a great factor that affects quite a bit in the consumption of energy in your home or business. During winter, the double crystal helps retaining heat in the interior of the residence, and during summer, it will stop the high heat temperatures from reaching your home, providing a cooler environment on the inside.

Thermal Isulation

Energy Efficiency

Greater Confort in Home

Economic Savings

➕What other factors influence in the quality of the Double Crystallization?

Crystal Thickness

In the case of double crystal windows, the thickness doesn’t help that much with the thermic insulation, but it helps in the acoustic one. We recommended that the external window must be thicker than the one in the inside.

AirTight Layer Thickness

The thickness of the airtight layer between the two crystals has great influence in the insulation capacity. The greater the thickness of this, the greater the level of insulation it provides.

Type of Crystal

There’s a wide variety of crystals, each one with different features. Taking into consideration the necessities, one could be more useful than others. In general, we use Guardian Sun Intelligent Crystals, thanks to their great features.

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Get in touch with us, we will clear all your doubts, so you’ll be able to choose the options that fit you the best. In TecnoPVC we offer our services through all Costa del Sol, we have many clients in zones such as Estepona, Marbella, Sotogrande, Manilva, La Línea or Gibraltar. Trust in us to install your double crystal windows and doors.