Lift & Slide (premidoor)

The appeal of PremiDoor lies not only in the floor to ceiling and wide window areas, but above all in its ability to open this large area to the inside. Inside and outside therefore merge. Despite its size and weight, the PremiDoor can be easily opened and closed as if sliding on air. Quite simply, without the use of force.When combined with our high security hardware the Premidoor exhibits a high level of protection against forced entry. Impervious to driving rain, wind and outside noise, the Premidoor presents a convincing range of outstanding performance properties. The result is a feel good cosiness and a feeling of safe, secure living in your own home.

General Details

The Lift and Slide door is a genuine alternative for a bi-folding door and with less PVCu sightlines, and more glass in which to see the world outside. The product is designed for large openings in the home or conservatory and is capable of openings of up to 6 metres with just two sashes.

There’s also the option of 2, 3 and 4 pane door systems which are capable of spanning over 10 metres. The running track has been specifically designed for lasting performance and ease of use. There’s also a thermally broken frame that provides energy efficiency and the necessary structural integrity to carry a large sash with ease. Like all of our window and door systems, it’s extruded with our lead-free Greenline compound

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