security glass

Glass to protect people and objects in any space.

SGG STADIP, basic protection
Protection against possible injury from accidental breakage (eg .: window, glass enclosure, room divider).

SGG STADIP PROTECT, enhanced protection
Protection against the risk of precipitation vacuum (eg .: railings and balconies) and against the impact of objects (eg .: glass roof, veranda).
You. Sure about glass.
Your glazing complies with anti-aggression function by protecting their assets.
It’s quiet difficult putting it live criminals.
Where to use?
Interior doors, room dividers, exterior doors, balustrades, handrails, glazed roofs, etc.

What is it?

STADIP SGG / SGG STADIP PROTECT laminated safety glazing are:
There are two levels of protection:
SGG STADIP: basic level of protection
SGG STADIP PROTECT: enhanced protection level
A security laminate SGG STADIP volume upon impact the plastic sheet retained glass fragments: the glass may break but fragments remain attached to the film, thus avoiding its loosening.
SGG STADIP PROTECT is the level of enhanced protection.